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Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS)

FIRMS delivers global MODIS hotspots / fire locations in easy to use formats

FIRMS distributes both:

For the most current information about the Terra and Aqua MODIS fire products, use the MODIS Collection 5 Active Fire Product User’s Guide, v2.5 (Updated 31 March 2013). Read more...

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MODIS near real-time (NRT) active fire / hotspot locations are processed by LANCE using the standard MODIS MOD14/MYD14 Fire and Thermal Anomalies product. Each active fire location represents the center of a 1km pixel that is flagged by the algorithm as containing one or more fires within the pixel. Near real-time fire data can be downloaded in a variety of GIS compatible formats. Data older than the last 7 days, can be obtained from the Archive Download Tool; the tool provides NRT data and, as it becomes available, it is replaced with data extracted from the standard MCD14ML fire product produced at NASA's MODIS Fire Science Computing Facility (SCF) the University of Maryland. FIRMS also offers monthly MODIS Burned Area (MCD45) images through Web Fire Mapper.

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